Welcome to Balloon’s documentation!


Balloon is an alternative to DropBox with file version control. It is based on Mercurial and will support Git.

Installation and Setting

Get Balloon

you@debian:~$ hg clone https://bitbucket.org/cedricbonhomme/balloon
you@debian:~$ cd balloon

Setting the repository

First you need to create a repository in your own server or with a DVCS hosting service (bitbucket, Google Code, etc.).

Then you should specify the URL of the repository, your username, etc. in the configuration file of Balloon.

type = hg
name = test-balloon
url = bitbucket.org/cedricbonhomme/test-balloon
username = cedricbonhomme
password = ***
type = git
name = test-balloon-git
url = bitbucket.org/cedricbonhomme/test-balloon-git
username = cedricbonhomme
password = ***

Rename the file balloon.cfg-sample to balloon.cfg.

Launch Balloon

you@debian:~/balloon/src$ nohup python balloon.py &

The local folder test-balloon is now synchronized with the distant repository. You can add, remove, and modify files.


Balloon is under GPL v3 license.


If you wish and if you like Balloon, you can donate via bitcoin. My bitcoin address: 1GVmhR9fbBeEh7rP1qNq76jWArDdDQ3otZ


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